The manual is intended to help familiarize you with the Ursa Spell Checker and its features.

Manual content:

1. What is Ursa Spell Checker for?
2. Installation
3. Activation
4. How to use the Ursa Spell Checker?
5. Uninstallation

1. What is Ursa Spell Checker for?
Ursa Spell Checker is a small program that allows you to easily and quickly check and correct spelling while chatting in Skype.
The Ursa Spell Checker can check the spelling in several languages.

2. Installation

You can download the latest version of Ursa Spell Checker for free from here:

Locate the file you downloaded in step 1. It should be called “UrsaSpellingSetup.exe” or something very similar. Double click on the file to start installation. Then follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard. For more information, see the Installation Guide:


3. Activation

Immediately following installation, Ursa Spell Checker begins a trial license. This license will expire in 30 days.
For the permanent version, buy the activation code from our web-site:

The next step is to enter Activation Code:
1. Open the Ursa-spelling Console.
2. Go to the Licensing page.
3. Enter your code.
Ursa Spell Checker will now work in permanent mode.


4. How to use the Ursa Spell Checker?

  • How to enable/disable the spell checker?

If you don’t need to check spelling in your chat windows, right-click on the Ursa icon, and in the popup contextual menu select “Disable”. Ursa Spell Checker will stop spell checking. After clicking on “Enable”, Ursa Spell Checker will again check spelling in automatic mode.

  • How to handle a mistake?

If a spelling mistake is discovered, the word is underlined with red points. By right-clicking on the misspelled word, you can:

  • Replace the misspelled word with one from the suggestions list.
  • Skip all and maintain your style of writing.
  • Add the word to the user dictionary. Click the “Add”button to add the word to the user dictionary.
  • Change the checking language. Click the “Language” button and set the language you need.
  • Go to Program Settings. Clicking on “Settings” which takes you to the Ursa Spell Checker-Console.


  • How to install a new dictionary?

Two ways to install a dictionary:

  • from the Ursa Spell Checker-Console/ Dictionaries page.
  • To install a dictionary, just press “Add/Remove”, in the popup form choose the dictionary you need (you can use “Filter”) from the list, click on the check box and press the OK button. The chosen dictionaries will be added.
  • from the contextual menu.
  • Right-click on the misspelled word to open the contextual menu, choose “Language”, then “Language Settings” and from the popup Console install the dictionary by pressing the “Add/Remove” button.


  • How to disable program startup?

On the Ursa Spell Checker-Console/ General page, tick off the “Autostart” check box and click “Apply” in the right lower corner.

  • How to change the interface language?

To change the interface language, click on the combo box in the Ursa Spell Checker-Console/ General page and select the new language for the program interface.

  • Have you not found any answer to your question?

If you have questions or problems, please go to the Support forum or send an email to
[email protected] and we will help you.


5. Uninstallation
Select the folder Ursa Spelling from the Windows Start/Programs Menu, then the shortcut “Uninstall Ursa Spelling”.
In the Uninstall Form, click the button “Uninstall”.
After the process is finished, your program is removed. After the program is uninstalled, it is recommended to restart the computer.