Ursa Spell Checker is a small program that allows you to check and correct your spelling while chatting in Skype easily and quickly. It allows you to avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes when using Skype chat. Our program helps you to keep the respect of your friends, partners and customers! Feel more confident writing without spelling mistakes!
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You don’t need to do anything, only to chat in Skype! Just download and install Ursa Spell Checker, open your Skype chat, and enjoy automatic spell checking in any chat window. Ursa underlines with red points all the words with spelling mistakes.

It is also easy to stop automatic checking – the Ursa icon in the system tray provides easy access to contextual menu and control console.

Impressed? Try our program and see that Ursa Spell Checker is indispensable software for your success!


The program works as a background process and after installation will be displayed in the system tray. You don’t need to do anything to enable the program. Ursa Spell Checker starts to work automatically after you open Skype.

When you type or copy text to the text input box in Skype, Ursa checks its spelling immediately. All the misspelled words will be identified with underline. To correct the misspelled words, just right-click on the word and choose the right word from the suggestions (replacements list). The selected word is inserted into your text.


Here in the contextual menu you can select the correctly spelled word or ignore any misspelled word, add it to your user dictionary, select other language, and go to settings.

Add dictionaries



– Completely standalone spell checker for Skype™.

– Ursa Spell Checker works with Skype™. Seamless integration with Skype™.

– Fully automatic spell check in all active chat windows.

– Easy to install and to use.

– Ursa Spell Checker can check the spelling in 90 languages.

– The dictionaries in Ursa Spell Checker are included for free.

– Access replacements list with a simple mouse click.

– Replacements are sorted by the degree of closeness with the misspelled word.

– Multi-language intelligent user interface.

– Easy Enable/Disable.

– Helpful and comprehensive manual.

We offer a free download for you to try out and test its complete usefulness to you.


Windows XP/Vista/7

.NET 2.0 or higher